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REMINDER: March Madness continues with a live Low Blow at 9PM tonight!

Hey everyone. Just a quick reminder that this week is all about March Madness! That means more posts, more comics, more radio shows, more videos. MORE EVERYTHING! And tonight we’re serving up our mailbag edition of the show to you LIVE at 9PM EST. Get your questions and comments in now!

What is March Madness, past you guys getting more shit? It’s us trying to show you how totally sweet things would be if we were making the cheddar to work full time on this thing. There’s a number of ways to support us, such as signing up with BetUS and telling them we sent ya. As well, we’ve got a straight donation system in place too. In a few days you’ll see some ads showing up too. Checking those out will definitely help us.

Anyways, think of us as that horny but respectable boy from high school – we only want you to do what you’re comfortable doing. But we really want the pussy. And by pussy we mean money. And the sex is good. For reals. It’s very good.

So don’t forget: