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Reminder: Get your UFC 107 picks in ASAP

Contrary to anything I said before, tonight is the final event on the MMA Playground season. We can pick up our current standing if we do well with UFC 107 predictions. Go on over to MMA Playground right now (more specifically, here is the picks page) and make all of your selections. Be sure not to pass over any round or method boxes so we could get full points.

This is the home stretch of a marathon we Rosie Ruiz’ed by joining halfway through, but we could still get our raw numbers high enough to stay above Bloody Elbow. We are 4-1 against them at the present, thanks to a less than 1.5 point difference in total score for our first event, UFC 103.

A big thank you goes to everyone who’s helping us against the inflated intellectuals over at BE. Our member recruitment is still going strong three months into the camp’s creation; you too can join us by following this post’s instructions.

Thanks to you guys for keepin’ it real, and good luck on your picks!