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Reminder: Fightlinker T-Shirts are out this week!


Just a quick reminder to all yous people flooding the site for UFC80 results and shit: we’re starting to sell shirts! So now you can take the funny from the website with you where ever you go! That’s right, boggle people’s minds with shirts that won’t make a bit of fucking sense unless you’re an MMA fan. Meet other assholes like you who will appreciate the subtle humor of a TUF NOOB shirt, or who’ve watched the Techno Viking video on youtube. Tell them they get double points if they catch the Keith Jardine reference.

So yeah: the shirts will be on sale MONDAY. And the more you buy, the more we’ll make. This isn’t some shifty home operation with iron-on transfers or something : these are professional grade shirts that will stay wicked after one wash, or one hundred. As well, you can pat yourself on the back knowing you’re helping support Fightlinker in it’s efforts to corner the market on funny and offensive MMA content. Often imitated, we are never duplicated. And the more money we get in, the more resources we will have to push the envelope and create more content!

If you wanna see the rest of the initial desings, click below to see more.