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Remembering the husks of former promotions

Sherdog has a pretty cool list of all the MMA promotions Dana White has had a hand in taking down. Actually, the truth is most of these companies managed to bury themselves just fine on their own, with Dana playing little more than cheerleader. Here’s their entry for the IFL:

International Fight League (2006-2008): Ambitious attempt to shoehorn team athletics into the most individualized sport in the world; wasted no time in antagonizing White by hiring away two of his employees and asserting that the UFC sabotaged a TV deal with Fox Sports; for good measure, broadcast a ridiculously hyperbolic primetime series premiere that brought the sport back to the stone age, dwindled rounds down to four minutes to confuse consumers, and expected fans to care about tape-delayed events airing at dartboard-random times.

Cause of Death: Insufficient funds.

White’s Eulogy: “I actually watched the IFL once, and it was f—ing painful.”

I dunno if I’d say the IFL’s problem was insufficient funds unless that’s meant in a “No matter how many funds the IFL had, they still would have failed” way, in which case it’s accurate enough.

Probably because this was a  ‘blog’ and not an ‘article’ (I hope Sherdog ain’t shorting you writers money because of that), we didn’t get to read about several other failed promotions like Bodog and EliteXC. Ah well, I suppose I can’t complain about Jake Rossen’s writing and then complain that there’s not enough. Or can I?