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Remembering Keith Hackney

Sherdog checks in with Keith Hackney, ½ (or ⅕ if you’re measuring by weight) of the oldschool freakshow fight with sumo wrestler Emmanuel Yarborough back in 1994:

After some back-and-forth in the bout — which included Hackney spilling out of the cage when Yarborough rammed him against the door — he went for the kill.

“It’s a White Crane strike, an open hand palm that comes in a circle and straight over the top like an overhand right,” Hackney recalls. “We worked on that in kenpo. I went for the center of the nose to smash the nose through the head, but I kind of caught him off-side on an angle.”

Yarborough crumpled from the blow, delivered by Hackney while he leaped through the air. Turtled up, the massive sumo man was suddenly human and could not get back to his feet. Hackney turned on the afterburners, hammering home a series of winging rights, breaking his hand in the process, and flinging more at Yarborough’s head to finish the job.

“The announcer was yelling, ‘He has no chokes!’ I’m thinking, ‘You idiot. This guy’s head is bigger than a basketball. Do you know how big his neck is?’ I tried to pound on his head like nails on a roof,” Hackney says. “I put two knuckles into an eye socket. If it was a normal guy, I’d have crushed his skull.”

And then there was the time Hackney punched Joe Son in the testicles several dozen times:

Fittingly, the clip of the punches was used later on a Fox News report in 2008, when Son was arrested after a DNA sample linked him to a 1990 gang rape.

“While they were on the news that this UFC guy did whatever, they had a picture of me smacking him in the balls, saying he got what he deserved,” Hackney says.

Fortunately, this ‘Where are they now’ update doesn’t involve a depressing Harold Howard style ending – Hackney retired because he was making over a million a year from his heating business and just recently started throwing some MMA events of his own – no nut shots allowed, unfortunately…