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Remembering K1 Dynamite USA

It’s apparently that time of year when all the gentrified MMA writers take the monocle out of their eye, imbibe a hearty sip of brandy, and wax philosophical about the rousing year of happenings in the Asiatics. First it was Dave Meltzer, then Zach Arnold, and now Jojo Breen has penned her entry, snootily entitled ‘Sunken Ships and Black Ships’. How artsy.

While Meltzer tried to expose a few layers of the onion that is Japanese MMA, Zach Arnold simply cut it in half to show off it’s rotten core. Breen has taken the approach of concentrating on the events of 2007 themselves, mentioning backroom shenanigans only when they directly caused the collapse of an event like they did with K1 Dynamite USA:

It would’ve been hard for Dynamite!! USA to have been anymore epically disastrous. A botched main event and absurd matchmaking largely overshadowed the few gems the card produced. Gracie-Sakuraba II has all but been erased from the canon already. A hollow attendance record is more a punch line than an achievement. In the end, it seems apropos for the debacle to be remembered most readily for a clueless local DJ whose ignorance to his audience greatly mirrored FEG’s very own incompetence.

For those of you who weren’t around on this site when we were serving up grilled Dynamite on a daily basis, here’s a few highlights from our coverage so you too can remember how much of a cock-up that whole event was.