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Remember the 15 second ground rule?

Everyone is writing big long articles on what lead to the death of ProElite. We here at fightlinker have decided our efforts are better spent taking the best bits from everyone else and presenting them to you in one place. You might say that we link fights. We are fight linkers.

Here’s MSNBC’s Mike Chia Pet with his breakdown of the situation. My favorite part was how he dredged up a nearly forgotten fact – that EliteXC originally planned on adding retarded time limits to ground fighting:

From the beginning, however, they made huge mistakes. In a misguided hope of jumpstarting action, the company instituted a 15-second rule, which stated that a referee would stand up grounded fighters if neither could improve his position within 15 seconds, all but nullifying any advantage held by grapplers and compromising the integrity of the sport (cue the foreshadowing music). Longtime MMA fans angrily lampooned EliteXC’s version of the sport as “Ultimate boxing.” And though that rule soon went by the wayside, the list of problems went on and on.

That move set the stage and mood for many MMA fans who were already freaked out that Gary Shaw – one of more famous snakes from boxing – was now setting his greedy crooked eyes on mixed martial arts.