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After the Condit / Diaz fight on Saturday night, Dana White teased us with a quote where he said Condit / Diaz 2 could happen immediately, but both guys would ‘really have to want that fight.’ Between Nick ‘retiring’ and Carlos not being stupid, that didn’t seem very likely. Add in all the chatter from everyone and I had an immediate rematch on par with a snowball’s chances in hell.

From Lorenzo Fertitta:

Just spoke to @lorenzofertitta. He said @CarlosCondit has definitely earned title shot/right to wait for GSP. No rematch. @lorenzofertitta told me GSP was upset and wanted him to make rematch but he said, “I can’t do that to Carlos.”

From Condit’s management Malki Kawa:

“At this point, [a rematch] is not something we’re looking to do,” he said. “We’re looking for Georges. People forget, Carlos waited a long time to get this fight. He was moved around, and shuffled around between fights. He won the fight. It doesn’t interest us at all. I think clearly and decisively, he won the fight. Even [UFC president] Dana [White] scored it for him. All of the opinions that matter scored Carlos as winner.”

From Condit himself:

“I’d give Nick Diaz a rematch. Just maybe not right away.”

And now the only evidence you need that a rematch is indeed going to happen: Dana White’s twitter.

the rumor is true. Carlos did accept the fight today and Carlos is coming on Friday not thur.

With that, we are apparently getting Condit / Diaz 2. This is the second time the UFC has called Carlos Condit up and asked him to do something incredibly stupid for them. The first time is when they asked him to step aside so Nick Diaz and GSP could fight. Now they’re asking him to step up again … in the hopes that Nick Diaz and GSP can still fight. I’m one of those people who thought Diaz won rounds 1, 2, and 5, but I don’t know about this. What’s the point of #1 contender fights if they get redone whenever ‘the wrong guy’ wins?

There are a lot of reasons this fight makes sense though. The entire world is split down the middle between fighters as to who really won. Stats point to Condit edging Diaz on strikes, but as Hitler would say “Diaz doesn’t give a sh*t about pussy ass kicks!” Georges ain’t doing nothing til November and it’s not like there’s another welterweight contender out there looking super-sayan that Condit just has to fight.

So … are you excited about Condit / Diaz 2? Or are you looking forward to Condit / Diaz 3, 4, or maybe 5? However many til the UFC gets the results they want.

  • frickshun says:

    Not fair to say it’s about getting the right result. We’ve had rematches like this in the past (Edgar vs Penn, GI Joe vs Cobra, etc.)


  • noiseless says:

    i remember almost throwing up during that first steaming dump. and i remember thinking “fuck this, pl0x no more rematch” but yeheeey assholes, you made a rematch. i think i’m switching to condit now. yay jackson.

  • Sodomize Intolerance says:

    Condit stuck to a gameplan that beats Diaz. Diaz fights how Diaz fights. If this fight happens, we’ll be paying $50 to watch the exact same fight.

    Immediate rematches should be reserved for the times when the judges clearly confused the names on their scorecards, not for when everyone’s favourite fighter gets iced. I’m tired of champions like Frankie Edgar getting forced into rematches and has now fought 2 guys in his 4 title fights.

    All Diaz needs to do is win one fight while Condit fights GSP and then we have a rematch. Or, if GSP wins, Diaz will move straight into a title fight from his win and we get GSP/Diaz. Calm the fuck down.

  • Mixed Martial Adam says:

    Taking away Condit’s title shot (for the second time) and making him fight Diaz again, makes as much sense as taking away Chael Sonnen’s title shot and making him fight Bisping again.

    Both fights were JUST as close and JUST as controversial, but the big money contender in the MW scrap got the decision so the everything moves forward. I’ll enjoy watching the rematch – but it’s fucking bullshit.

  • CAP says:

    Put that shit on FOX for free then. I agree there have been way too many rematches lately.

  • pewnt says:

    ^ Agree with Cap

    After the BJ fight Diaz claimed that he had to be the bad guy to get a title shot. Now we all know that he just has to have a temper tantrum on the PPV broad cast.

    Has anyone else noticed that Cesar doesn’t have to get on TV/Radio/Internet after every Nathan Diaz fight to justify Nathans statements, or actions.

  • DJ ThunderElbows says:

    Has anyone else noticed that Cesar doesn’t have to get on TV/Radio/Internet after every Nathan Diaz fight to justify Nathans statements, or actions.

    That’s cause Nate can cut off a fucking squared circle.  Nothing needs saying.

  • Reverend Clint says:

    Make it free and to the death

  • matthewpolly says:

    It’s bullshit. Interim belts are bullshit (except when Tito was ducking). GSP is still the champ, just the injured one. The fight was really for the #1 contender spot. Condit won on the judges’ cards whatever anyone else might think. He deserves the title shot. If he beats GSP then Diaz should be next in line to fight Condit for the real belt. If he loses, then Diaz can fight GSP. And as a fan, I have no interest in seeing Condit employ the same strategy of counter-striking and circling to the center against Diaz again. It was cool once; a second 25 minutes of that would be awful.

  • OlyReigns says:

    I don’t think Diaz should be rewarded for acting like a spoiled little bitch after his fight. Fuck him. He can go back strikeforce for all I care, or get his ass kicked in boxing.

  • scissors61 says:

    Lots of rumors going around that this thing’s not gonna happen because Nick pissed hot for the wacky tabacky.

  • Fizzy says:

    Apparently Cesar said not gonna happen, so methinks something like ^^ hot piss, otherwise why would they turn down such a gigantic and undeserved second chance?

    I’m one of those that thinks Diaz won three of the five rounds, but even I don’t want a rematch. Because it is borne of Nick’s postfight bitching, and Dana’s greed. Neither are good reasons for this happening.

    Condit won, we move on, next contender steps up. Nick needs to get back in line like everybody else, or make good on his retirement talk.

  • DJ ThunderElbows says:

    Wouldn’t Kizer have announced the hot Subo test already?  It’ll come out in a few days if not and we’ll all know for sure.

    I think Nick is just being a Grumpy Gus.  Oh yes he is.  Who’s being a widdle Grumpy Gus?  You you you.