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Reflections on UFC on Versus (aka The Jon Jones Show)


(It just doesn’t get old)

Yeah, there were a lot of commercials, but what better way to end the summer doldrums and kick off a brand new month of MMA than with an awesome free card that gave us three contenders in three different weight classes?

  • Takanori Gomi made myself (and, as far as I can tell, about 80% of the fans that made picks on this fight) look like the worst kind of MMA fans last night – the kind that carry shovels around, just in case they get a chance to bury a guy.  Losing to Kenny Florian and being done at lightweight are in two different universes, and the Fireball Thirtysomething gave us all a taste of Bushido before the first round was over with a “textbook” right hook that shut down Tyson Griffin’s faculties.  I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a sillier protest of a TKO stoppage.  After consulting with Kid Nate, I think the only match-up that can get Takanori Gomi to a title fight in one shot (which is clearly what the UFC is after) is George Sotiropolous.  That’s a winnable fight for Gomi.
  • Charles Oliveira is a star in the making.  41 seconds, 13-0 and (interestingly) no age on Wikipedia?  Sign me up.  That would have been impressive against a guy on the street.
  • I still feel like Jake Ellenberger got robbed against Carlos Condit, and I was pleased that the judges weren’t given another opportunity to do so last night.  I am completely OK with the stoppage – between John Howard’s inability to calculate distance or foresee the fall of Australian currency during his term, there was no way any competent physician would allow that to continue.  Get Jake back on TV and do Howard/Rumble at like 178 just for the hell of it.
  • Mark Munoz is still a legit prospect and potential monster at 185, but he’s not in Yushin Okami’s league.  I’ve heard the term “elite-level gatekeeper” applied to Okami.  How about top five middleweight?  His victory here makes Belfort’s potential title shot (by virtue of a 195 drubbing of Rich Franklin and nuking Matt “I’m Overrated” Lindland) more odious than before.  My boy Belcher is hurt – make these two fight for the right to fight Chael Sonnen (LOL).
  • Jon Jones doesn’t need Chuck Liddell to get over with the fans – he needs more fights against legitimate competition that has a chance of beating him.  By having Bones headline both Versus cards, Zuffa is actively creating and cultivating a star before our very eyes.  Endangering Chuck Liddell’s long term health to that end would be crass, low and – more importantly – rob the 22 year old Jones of a chance to hone his craft.  I like him against Lil Nog after Bader beats him (yes, I said it).
  • Fare thee well, James Irvin.  I will never forgive whomever put that curse on you.