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‘Redbelt’ is trying to sell itself as something it’s not

I’m about as sick as can be of people sucking Redbelt’s dick, especially those who haven’t even seen it yet. Certain someones get double-dutch annoyer points for comparing Redbelt to Never Back Down, which would be like comparing James Bond to Austin Powers. These are completely different movies, trying to do completely different things.

But here’s the thing about Never Back Down: it never LIED about what it was going to be like. It was very upfront and honest about being a stupid popcorn flick. In the other corner you’ve got Redbelt (which according to all reviews thus far IS NOT A MIXED MARTIAL ARTS MOVIE), trying to trick people into thinking it’s going to be some sort of whack-sockey “Take the other guy down!!!!111” flick when so far reviewers say it’s more of an emotional journey through relationships and backroom dealings. And hey, that’s all well and good. Just don’t throw together ads which misrepresent that fact.

Now I’m still going to see Redbelt, just like I went and saw Never Back Down. Past this tirade on the bullshit marketing ploys of the studio, I’m going to keep my mouth shut on reviewing it till I actually see it (I know, what a crazy idea).

  • i havent seen either and never felt the urge to suck someone’s dick anyway

    i’ll know when its good when i see it, and thats it

  • Gong says:

    Can you really blame marketing for marketing it that way though? It’s pretty retarded, but it’s easier to market the ‘ARR MMA MOVIE COME WATCH IT -manly pump-‘ than ‘Another gripping tale about corporations sticking it to the little guy that MIGHT involve MMA’ … or whatever the movie’s about.

  • D-Rock Dizzle Jones says:

    I haven’t met one person that has thought this movie was about MMA. So I’m not sure what yall are talking about here on your site. I think you are over analyzing the movie too much. Just watch the movie and shut the fuck up about it already.

  • Mariena says:

    There are only a couple fights scenes even in this movie. I wouldn’t even call it a fight movie… yes the guy owns a jiu-jitsu school, yes there’s a competition… but how many fights are in the movie? oh i dunno.. two? maybe. (saw it last weekend at the ArcLight in Hollywood with a handful of others).

  • kentyman says:

    “…I’m going to keep my mouth shut on reviewing it till I actually see it…”

    Heh, yeah, I certainly haven’t heard you say anything bad about it yet… 😛

  • vinhthekid says:

    you can call it a martial arts movie in the sense that it tries to ensconce certain bjj principles into the land of philosophy and extolls teh traditional martial arts values.

    which is one of the few good things about the movie.

  • Popetastic says:

    Oh, the old “at least he knows he sucks” defense. The ever-growing reason for the plague of popular music and 99 percent of television, not to mention Will Ferrell’s enduring movie career.

  • Jason says:

    It was pretty obvious the movie was going to be marketed this way. The fact that your surprised at this tells me you dont go to a lot of movie preview/news blogs and arent familair with how a lot of internet movie marketing works. Anyone familiar with David Mamet should easily know that this isnt going to be a fight movie.

  • Hattori Hanzo Gracie says:

    I agree with the emotional journey to describe this movie.
    More of a traditional martial arts vibe. Aside from the one fight they show in a ring with the “black pebble, arm behind the back” thing its devoid of any real mma fighting.
    Moral of the movie is that you can’t trust Brazilians, anyone else agree?

  • Jeremy (not that Jeremy) says:

    Um, isn’t David Mamet directing this film?

    How can anyone be confused?

    It’s not like Ang Lee’s directing it and you don’t know if you’re going to get an action film, a shitty comic adaptation, or a Jane Austin period piece.

  • from what i’ve read here it seems like its a boring shit movie anyway

    all the time r waiting for a cool fight that’s never gonna happen, it seems

  • Royal, King of Monsters says:

    “It should have worked for me from beginning to end considering how much I enjoy Mamet’s work. But while a few elements of it do come across as compelling – specifically the second trailer – overall it feels mishandled and inconsistent. There’s no one brand identity that’s communicated and that, more than anything, is what kills this campaign. ”

    – Chris Thilk, Movie Marketing Madness

  • Kenny the Swede says:

    If you have an IQ over 100, Don’t go see this movie. I’m warning you. It is the biggest piece of crap. It’s like Seinfeld without being funny. And with out Seinfeld. and without Elaine or Kramer or any fucking thing that might make anything worth while. It sucks so fucking bad. I’m dead serious. There isn’t one redeeming thing about this movie.

  • I felt conflicted when I saw the movie. My wife who is not a big fan of BJJ and especially MMA said it was really good. The pace ‘was’ slow and Mamet’s emphasis on traditional Asian martial arts philosophy threw me off a bit….

  • Hattori Hanzo Gracie says:

    The wife was hot I thought…..

  • Wu Tang says:

    Good movie, has elements of brazilian culture, and shows ‘traditiona’ japanese style martial arts. Most red belts are honored as such (carlson gracie, just to name a few), are very respected and everyone watches what they say in the likes of guys of such stature. Good movie if you are a fan of how traditional martial arts can be, even with an art of BJJ (which some peeps forgot the elemnts of). Makes me proud to training in this art, an example of honor and integrety.. Esp when my instructor talks about pussies, sex and beer, adds to the flavor of spice!… Of course my instrutor wont talk about this infront of grand masters… 😛