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Red rover, red rover, we call Eddie over

The UFC provided plenty of savagery to slake our bloodlust over the weekend, but Bellator proved it can has violence also, as four of its five main card bouts ended in the first round, and the fifth went the distance in a good way.

Opening the featherweight bracket (but not shown above for some reason) was “Shammy” Shamhalaev escaping a rare gogoplata attempt to pound out Cody Bollinger late in the first round.  Then came Mike Richman’s 23-second TKO of Jeremy Spoon, which might look like an early stoppage, but believe me, he stayed in that spoon position (see what I did there?) for awhile.  Next up, it warmed my little black heart to watch Wagnney Fabiano make his triumphant return to the sport by just crankin’ that armbar until it worked.  Rounding out the quarterfinals, “Totally” Rad Martinez indeed proved he’s no charity case by battling “Naz” Malegarie for 15 straight minutes enroute to a unanimous decision victory.

But did the Alvarez-Pitbull main event deliver the promised fireworks?  Oh ye of little faith.  As usual, Alvarez both rocked and got rocked in his balls-out attempt to finish Pitbull ASAP, then with mere seconds left in the round, added a sweet head-kick KO and an Aldo-esque bleacher-sprint to his highlight reel.

And don’t think for a second that Dana White didn’t see that shit.

Enjoy the full fight after the jump: