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Reasons Wand vs Page will be different … or not

Cage Potato has another one of it’s damn “X reasons why Y will Z” posts on why Quinton Jackson vs Wanderlei Silva 3 is gonna be different. And while i think the list is pretty drawn out at 5 items, the first two are spot on.

1. Change of Camps: While Silva came to America to train, Jackson left.   Now Wanderlei is running around a converted warehouse in Las Vegas with a snorkel in his mouth and “Rampage” is over in England grab-assing with the Wolfslair.   We’ve seen Silva in action since relocating, and he looked good against Keith Jardine, but the jury’s still out on Jackson’s new crew.

2. Mind Games: Let’s be honest, no one knows for sure what’s going on in ‘Page’s head these days.   He’s had a rough few months, and now he has to fight a guy who’s knocked him out twice.   Everyone wants to see if Jackson still has his wits about him.   Either the pressure will elevate his game, or crack him like an egg.

The big thing to note about these two items is that they both favor Wanderlei Silva. While Rampage running off to the UK is a bit of a questionable decision, it’s hard to argue that Wanderlei training with XTreme Couture is a bad idea. And who’s mind are we really worried about? Wanderlei Silva is coming off a big win against Keith Jardine and has never fought like his head was in the wrong place. Rampage on the other hand has a long history of mental freakouts resulting in shit from fasting before fights to the infamous “energy drink / god delusion psychosis” situation.

I’m not about to count Rampage out in this fight, but I’d say Wanderlei Silva is holding all the edges here. Sure, the two guys are in very different places in their lives than they were the first two times they fought, but the scoreboard still stacks up the same way: Advantage Silva.