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Reality ain’t always real

Three years after MMA and reality television had dirty sex and spawned The Ultimate Fighter, people in the scene are finally starting to realize that what you see isn’t always the real deal. A few weeks ago, Joe Lauzon’s little brother Dan was upset when his stint on Tapout made him look like a welly, and there’s loads of guys who complain about the way they look on TUF. But it could be worse. You could have your career destroyed by a bit of creative editing like Gabe Ruediger:

Though it’s hard to argue that exposure on reality shows is the fastest track to MMA stardom, fighters can be more selective about when and how they’re seen in a marketplace that has expanded since TUF launched in 2005. UFC lightweight Joe Lauzon (Pictures), Dan Lauzon (Pictures)’s brother and a TUF 5 cast member, said the experience could just as easily be the death knell for a fighter’s career. Lauzon cited his fellow cast member Gabe Ruediger (Pictures), who was shown eating mounds of junk food right before he failed miserably to make weight.

Lauzon said Ruediger’s excessive eating and weight-cutting woes happened far apart from each other, yet were spliced together for effect. The lesson appeared simple, but Lauzon said his brother’s experience on “Tapout” has made him think twice.

Of course, it was really the cake + flopping around on the floor crying like a bitch during weight cutting combo that really sealed the deal for Gabe. Oh, and the enema too? So I guess the lesson learned here is if the guys making the reality show have 5 minutes worth of footage where you’re acting like a jackass, they’ll string it together. Solution? Don’t let them catch that 5 minutes.