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Ready or not, Karo fights tomorrow

With the UFC blowing shit up in Canada like a Pakistan drone strike, it should come as no surprise that more money is starting to flow into the local scene. Canada’s always been pretty good for having a decent amount of shows, but the level of talent coming in is starting to go way up. On June 10th, the first Score Fighting Series event is happening and features Marius Zaromskis vs the Great Canadian Hope, Jordan Mein. And tomorrow MMA Live 1 has Karo Parisyan vs Ryan Ford. And as usual, we can’t talk about Karo without wondering how he’s doing. CagePotato has an excellent long interview with him that gives you an idea of where he stands:

“Of course everyone is going to say they’ve heard me say the same thing before about how I’m better and I’m back to my old self, but this time I’m going to let my performance prove it, not my words. I had no business coming back to the UFC when I did because I wasn’t ready. I needed the money and I fooled everyone, including myself, into believing I was through my problems. If I was set financially, I would have stepped away from fighting for six months or a year and gotten better physically and mentally before taking another fight, but I couldn’t afford the time off,” he admits. “I forced myself to take the last six months off, even though I’m in such a huge amount of debt, because I needed to do it for me. I was offered dozens of fights, but I turned them all down until I knew I was ready. People are going to have their minds made up about me and think they know what’s going on in my head or in my life, when they have no idea. That’s the way reporters and even fans work sometimes. They get something in their heads and you have to work the rest of your life to prove them wrong. There’s only so much you can do. People believe what they want to about you, so I’m going to worry about what I can control and that’s me and my performance in the cage.”

There’s a bunch of other great stuff in the interview, like what he thinks of the friends and family who disappeared once the going got tough and how he saw people being burned alive inside tires as a kid. Angry, traumatizing shit like that aside, Karo finally sounds like he’s on top of his situation … he even admits he was dependent on pain pills, although he wanted to point out he got hooked while rehabbing a legit injury. As if that’s not how it always goes. But anyways, he sounds fired up and ready to go, which he’ll have to be if he plans on surviving against Ryan Ford. Ford isn’t the most talented guy out there, but he’s mean and aggressive and if Karo comes out flatfooted he’s likely to get bulldozed over. And that would not be a positive step forward in the comeback of Karo Parisyan.