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Re: RACJ ‘not knowing about UFC 83’

This quote keeps getting thrown around by everyone:

Thursday’s revelation was particularly curious considering the UFC held the highest-attended event in company history, “UFC 83: Serra vs. St. Pierre 2,” in Montreal nearly one year ago. According to the report, the commission was unaware of the UFC’s 2008 event — attended by more than 21,000 people and generating $5.1 million in ticket sales — until just a few days ago.

The RACJ knew about the event … they were there supervising it. I saw the same fat old fucks that were at all the TKO and XMMA events at the UFC weigh-ins and event, and after each fight all the press people would receive scorecards from the RACJ representative with the RACJ logo on it. I’m holding that paperwork in my hands right now.

Simply put, I don’t know where this idea that they didn’t know about the event came from, be it from a misquote, a lie, or just a poor translation from French to English. But the RACJ knew about UFC 83 and regulated it the same way they regulated all the past TKO and XMMA events: under the unified rules of MMA.