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Re: Leonard Garcia and federal drug charges

Regarding how federal drug charges work in America, the MMA Analyst gives you the numbers to back up the shit I’m talking. If you want to read a book telling a story of a similar federal coke bust in Texas and how they ran it, read Cold New World by William Finnegan.

  • clint notestine says:

    I had a friend who was busted with weed and was facing a maximum of 25 years, meanwhile the guy ahead of him in court raped a little girl got 5 years. America’s justice system is the best in world!

  • Aaron says:

    It’s the travesty thatis the War on Drugs. The courts do not seem to require a burden of proof, suprise suprise, as most of those convicted just happen to be poor. This little War is just a part of a larger goal of planetary economic domination, along with the War on terror, establishment of a One World Currency,(which starts with the SPP, and the Amero), real-time monitoring of people’s movements through RFID chips in everything they own and buy and facial recognition software tied into surveillance cameras, control of oil, etcetera. Ever heard of Web Bot? I think that’s its name…..a program that trawls the internet looking for key phrases in tandem….like terrorist and bomb together in the same sentence, or freedom, tyranny and bush in the same sentence. It doesn’t matter, but once you get id’d by the program, they can track you pretty well. And here I go making a target of myself. I’m not saying that these goals will succeed, or even persist after the next election, but the intent is there.
    They know that the war doesn’t work, that it just creates more environs in which people will do drugs, but as long as they’re not white in their majority, they’ll just keep fighting the heinous fight. Treatment, education and prevention would work much better, but then they would have no excuse to infringe upon everyday Americans’ rights. That bill of Rights is looking mighty tattered.

    Man, I know I sound like a paranoid conspiracy wack-job hippy, and that might be true, I am from Vancouver. But to ignore the larger picture that has been sketched out by governmental actions is fucking blind stupidity.

    And it’s further blind, dumb-fuck stupidity on Garcia’s part to have been caught in a coke shack. With his ‘past’, he shoulda known that was probably going on, and living in Texas, he shouda known the risk he was takeing just assosciatein with drug dealers. While I feel really bad for him, and hope the truth comes out that he was NOT involved (unlikely…the guy fingering him is likely a coward, afraid of the prison shower, and it’d take real courage to stand up and exonerate someone at your own expense), bt he did bring it on himself.

  • fightfan says:

    Aaron, I hear you bro…….

    I am not at a unibomber level against the goverment, but when does it end???

    Lottery is illegal, except government can rape the elderly and take all the income via scratch off tickets and lottery. Social security cards, State I.D’s licneses, car registration. You have to register for anything from a car to a house to a gun to almost anything theses days.

    If the governent wants to find you they have the means and will be able to. It is scary with the ever increasing technology and computers, NOTHING will be our own business or private

  • Hattori Hanzo Gracie says:

    once youve been convicted of a crime good luck trying to get a job.

  • stink47 says:

    are you sleepin fighlinker? fedor v sylvia’s been announced – why are we talkin about this little scum pedlar of death?

  • occmsrazr says:

    interesting to note those stats show that over 50% of federal cases in the US each year are either drug related or immigration cases.

    just more proof that the government doesn’t protect you, it protects itself – from you, and therefore at your expense.

    when i tell people that i’m an anarchist, one of the first things they usually say to me is something about how chaotic everything would be if there were no politicians to make law. what, you mean if there was nobody around to imprison totally innocent non-violent people, many of them decent contributing members of society?

    yeah bro that would SUCK! let’s go vote.

  • el feo says:

    I did read that book. Holy shit.

  • Pretty good, huh? Opened my eyes to the world from the perspective of people who don’t have any options in life