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Ratings, ratings, ratings!

While MMA purists may debate whether EliteXC pulling 6.12 million viewers is good for the sport or not, there’s no question that the WEC’s 1.4 rating was a positive thing. Overall, I don’t know how things could have gone better for them … attendance at the Arco Arena was through the roof, and now they literally doubled their best ratings. Those who did tune in were treated to a night of killer fights.

Now I guess we have to wait and see what happens when the WEC returns to the Hard Rock Shithole. Will they retain a good chunk of the people who tuned in for their next show? Or will they sink back down below 1.0 and struggle to sell out their venue?

  • Jason says:

    Hopefully for us Canadians, the WEC pulled strong ratings for TSN as well. We need live MMA on TV. TSN showing WEC events days or weeks after they happen sucks!

  • garth says:

    oh CBS, hear my prayurs, sign WEC to a promotional deal. and sign my friend esther to be your staff photog. and sign Kid Yammamoto so that we may see him have a crazy chimp battle with Urijah. in Torres’ name I prey, ramen

  • randall says:

    Another zuffa crap fest. And fightlinker, as usual, doing his mouthpiece work for zuffa.

    But the question is: What exactly does fightlinker find funny about the Russian mob kidnapping Fedor. This fight linker character seems pretty impressed with himself, and all his support of zuffa. But I can’t help but wonder what the Russian fans think of fightlinker.

    By the way, fightlinker has my email. I expect an explanation from him on his general position on mma. More specifically, I’d like to know what he thinks is so funny about the Russian mob kidnapping Fedor. I’d do await an detail explanation. I will be pressing for one.

  • randall says:


    the wec has all the quality of bum fights, but you think otherwise?

    Well, what else do you think, about fightlinker, for example. I’m expecting a defense from fightlinker, and maybe you should contribute sense you appear to share his views on the mma scene. I’ll be pressing.

    The question of the day: What is it that fightlinker thinks is funny about the Russian Mob kidnapping Fedor? He will need to explain this duly.

  • kentyman says:

    I am hereby pressing Fightlinker to not give an explanation. This is a humor site. Done.