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Rashad takes out Forrest

Out of all three main events tonight, Rashad vs Forrest was the one I was least interested in, but it turned out to be the most interesting. If I were to sum up the gameplans in a nutshell, I’d say Rashad was looking for a big flashy knockout while Forrest was looking to grind Rashad down. And for the first two rounds, Forrest was winning the fight, landing a shitload of kicks interspersed with some nice strikes. Rashad stayed dangerous the whole time but was clearly getting worn down. His ribs and legs aren’t gonna feel good tomorrow.

The turning point happened in the third round when Rashad finally landed a nice power punch, flattening Forrest. He jumped on him and got tied up in Forrest’s guard, but it didn’t take him too long before he created distance and knocked Griffin senseless and then finished him off with a series of brutal blows.

This is one of those fights where both guys come out looking better. Griffin looked sharp as hell and his gameplan was working right up until Rashad caught him. Rashad cemented his rep for being a power striker and he showed guts in keeping the pressure on while Forrest was doing nothing but punishing him for it. You can officially say it: the lazy piece o’ shit fighter we met on TUF is dead. While I’m still not a big Rashad Evans fan, I definitely respect his skills.

Now I guess the UFC is gonna set up Quinton Jackson vs Rashad Evans … that should be a good fight that ends up with someone getting knocked the fuck out.