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Rashad is getting Chuck’s shot

It didn’t take long for Dana White to shuffle his light heavyweight plans around in the wake of Rashad Evans knocking out Chuck Liddell:

“Sugar” Rashad Evans (12-0-1) will fight’s Light Heavyweight Champion Forrest Griffin (16-4) for the UFC 205 title, announced UFC President Dana White Sunday morning in Atlanta.

Evans viciously knocked out’s fourth-ranked light heavyweight “Iceman” Chuck Liddell (21-6) in the second round Saturday night in Atlanta.

“How can you say he doesn’t deserve a title shot,” White told media after the surprise “W”.

I’m not exactly sold myself. While Rashad’s knockout power has earned him a good measure of respect, I still remember his performances against Tito Ortiz and Michael Bisping. Is Rashad the #2 light heavyweight in the UFC? Fuck no. But the UFC rides the waves it’s given, so now we’ve got Rashad vs Forrest … most likely on the New Years card.

The cool thing about this matchup is that it’s quite competitive. While Forrest fighting Chuck would have seen Forrest as a firm underdog, I’d say most people are going to recognize this fight as evenly matched. I don’t know if it’s going to generate even a quarter of the hype that Griffin vs Liddell would have, but as we learned on Friday, that fight just never seems to come together.