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Rashad Evans should chill the fuck out

With Dana White gleefully banging the drum for an immediate Jon Jones / Rashad Evans title fight if Jones takes the belt off Shogun, things are starting to get a bit tense around Greg Jackson’s camp. Rashad Evans started flipping out like a puss the second Jon said something vague about being willing to fight him, and now it sounds like he’s prepping to jump ship from the SS Jackson for good if the match is made:

“If we agree to fight, if we say we are going to fight, it’s over,” Evans said of his time at Jackson’s camp.

“If there’s a chance I am going to fight someone then I want to be able to keep an advantage somehow. If we are both drinking from the same well, learning the same knowledge, with the same camp, with the same partners, then how am I going to surprise them? He knows what I know.”

“I would need to divorce myself from the situation and just start over, and come with something new. I would divorce myself from the crew, from Jackson’s.”

“I just have to sit down and decide on what’s its going to be, because whatever it is going to be, there is no going back. There is no making it better. There is no going back to the team after it is done.”

And why is Rashad so butthurt about everything? Apparently Jon Jones is breaking the Jackson Code:

“When he joined the team, he joined the team on the premise that he wouldn’t fight none of us because that’s…with Greg Jackson, that’s one of his policies. Greg brought him on the team and he said he was like, you know what? Jon’s on this team, he’ll be a good addition to the team. He’s got a good style and he’s an up and coming kid and he’ll never fight you or never challenge you or nothing like that,” Evans told Larry Pepe. “There’s nothing you need to worry about. He brought him onto the team with that intro.”

Yeah, that’s all fine and noble and all. But Rashad Evans is the #1 contender. He was literally a month away from fighting for the belt when he got injured. Now he’s unhappy because the guy who replaced him might win the belt and they may have to fight. Boo fucking hoo. Get that sand out of your vagina and fight him or say you won’t and don’t. It’s that simple. Take a cue from Shogun Rua, who sat on the sidelines while his training partner and BFF Wanderlei ruled the PRIDE middleweight division. He put his money where his mouth was and wasn’t a gigantic bitch about it.

If Jones has the belt, it’s 100% Rashad’s decision whether he decides he wants to fight for it. Is Jon Jones being a dick by saying he’ll give Rashad his title shot? No.

  • G Funk says:

    He even used the word, “divorce”. HA!

  • Komodo says:

    ^^ LOL!! Nice one Leti!!

  • DJ ThunderElbows says:

    Leti is on fire with the pick sure shopping. The girl shot, the right pic of Rashad – fucking hilarious.

    The one improvement would be stronger type – white with a border would pop against the pic more. But that’s just me being a tired nitcpicking bitch.

  • bosswell says:

    Rashad talks like he’s gonna surprise anyone in a fight. Every fight, everyone knows exactly what he’s gonna do: lean on you the whole goddamn time. He’s like fuckin’ Jon Fitch, but without the punching.

  • frickshun says:

    DJ–>thanks so much for the joke dissection!! Makes it soooo much funnier.

  • Letibleu says:


  • Reverend Clint says:

    I hope rashtard goes to a new camp and learns how fight

  • glassjawsh says:

    durka durka, dude has fought, in succession, tito (in 07 when he was still relevent), michael bisping (and sent him to 185), chuck (and ruined his chin), forrest (for the belt), machida (during “the machida era”), thiago silva (when he was ranked in the top 10), rampage (in the biggest non title fight in the history of the ufc) and now jon jones. that is literally the most brutal stretch of fights in the history of mma (and it’s barely debatable) during that time (the last 4 years) he went 5-1-1 with 2 ko’s (both awesome). and people are STILL questioning whether or not he is any good? what…the….fuck….give him shit for being cocky or pinching his nipples or rampling on endlessly on mma live or having a screeching banshee for a wife but don’t get on a dude for not standing with rampage or thiago when they are obviously much better strikers who could knock his head off (and when he is a much much much better wrestler than both of them)

    and @ bosswell – saying that rashad is a jon fitch with less punching is easily the top 5 most ignorant things ive ever heard on this site

    this happened —-> dumbass

  • Reverend Clint says:

    tito wasnt relavent in 2007, chuck was ruined before than and anyone who ranked thiago silva in the top 10 at anytime is/was stupid

  • glassjawsh says:

    ^ opinion fail, tito was coming off a title fight with chuck before the evans fight, chuck was champ less than 16 months prior to his fight with rashad (and coming off a win) and thiago silva was ranked by basically every outlet that does those types of things in in january 2010 (he was still 14-1)

  • Reverend Clint says:

    yeah a title fight no one wanted, except to see tito get his ass kicked again.He hadnt decicively beaten anybody not named Shamrock or who wasnt 185 lbs since the last time he got his ass raped by Chuck, 2 years earlier.

    Chuck was champ 1 1/2 years prior… ig fucking deal. he had been beaten by Keith fucking Jardine and got his head knocked off by Mr T.After his ko loss by Rampage he didnt look the same, even his win against wandy probably didnt help his mangled brain much. I will say that was probably one of the most epic ko’s ever, except for machidas ko of evans.

    Thiago Silva fought a buncha no bodies until he got ass fucked by Machida and then beat keith fucking Jardine. Rashtaerd still couldnt take thiago out descisively, 29-28 all around.

  • DJ ThunderElbows says:

    No matter how long I am away from this site Jawsh is always dumb enough to base fighters skills on what white-bloggers-who-can’t-fight think instead of the skills and capabilities actually displayed by said fighter. Amazing.

    Luckily they’ve got you babysitting ‘tards instead of doing anything dangerous.