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Rashad Evans gives rounds away

I’m a bigger fan of cancer than I am of Tomas Rios, but he did say something surprisingly relevant about the Rashad Evans / Lyoto Machida fight in his latest UFC event breakdown:

As much as fans waste their breath bemoaning the tactical nuances of Machida’s style, Evans’ bizarre habit of giving away rounds is far more worrisome. Getting behind on the judges’ cards against Machida would be a disaster for Evans, who can’t rely on Machida handing him the fight via some foolish mistake. The early going will be critical for Evans. He must at least break even with Machida or risk working from behind against a fighter whose entire style is built on reference-quality fundamentals.

Looking over Rashad’s record, it’s kinda creepy how true this statement is. Over his last 5 fights, you can give the first round of every match to the other guy, and that includes one round for Sean “the Flopping Fish” Salmon. While he’s still technically undefeated, we’ve already seen how a decision loss for Rashad could looks like in both his Tito Ortiz and Michael Bisping fights.

So let’s see … we’ve got a guy who annihilates people on scorecards versus a guy who is usually behind until he lands a finisher. I’m not going to say Rashad has no chance (I’m not willing to admit that quite yet), but I will say I’m not exactly enthused about his odds.