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Rashad Evans gets a new contract

Rashad Evans has just earned himself a new UFC contract which fits his stature as champ of the UFC’s marquee division. No one knows what the numbers are, but I’ve heard that the deal is worth millions. That points me to think that he’s earned himself a percentage of PPV. Not too shabby for a dude who everyone labeled a loser on TUF. Here’s Rob from MMA Payout with more:

The standard TUF winner contract is a 10 fight deal, that includes the TUF Finale. Rashad was still under his original deal, and by virtue of holding the 205 title was subject to the Champion’s clause (tying the fighter to the company even after a contract is up), so there was a bit of a leverage imbalance going on in negotiations. That said, negotiations came to a swift conclusion, and the Evans camp is quite happy with the deal from what we hear.

I was kinda interested to see how Rashad was paid over the years and it looks to me like they took him off the TUF winner contract back at UFC 73:

  • UFC 92: 65k/65k
  • UFC 88: 60k/60k
  • UFC 78:   ? / ?
  • UFC 73: 16k/16k
  • UFN 8 : 12k/12k
  • UFC 63: 12k/12k
  • UFN 5 : 12k/12k
  • UFN 4 : 12k/12k
  • TUF 2 :   ? / ?

Notice the huge jump after Evans drew with Tito Ortiz. He was also in the main event at UFC 78 so I guess the UFC realized they couldn’t keep paying him peanuts if he’s supposed to be a headliner. Just don’t tell Keith Jardine about that, okay?