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Rashad Evans and Microsoft

Here’s an interesting series of events: Rashad Evans comes out to fight Chuck Liddell at UFC 88 wearing a Bill Gates mugshot shirt. Then, Rashad Evans is featured in a Microsoft commercial. Now Rashad has come out and said that the Bill Gates shirt is an ‘inside joke’ around Greg Jackson’s gym since Gates was arrested across the street from them.

Does anyone buy this stupid story?

Up to this point, Rashad Evans has been paid big bucks to walk into the octagon wearing sponsor shirts. All of a sudden he decides to ditch MASSIVE money for the biggest fight of his life … all for an inside joke. See, I didn’t bother blogging about that response from Rashad since I don’t like PROPAGATING CORPORATE BULLSHIT. Well, maybe I do sometimes. But I’d rather have a cheese grater stuck up my rectum than fall unawares for a lame marketing ploy.

And yes, that’s what the Bill Gates thing was. Have you seen the recent Microsoft commercials? The retarded ones with Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld shopping for budget shoes together? Yeah, ” target=”_blank”>those stupid things. The same mugshot is shown in those. The commercials don’t make sense, and they’re not supposed to … they’re a viral marketing campaign designed to get people talking. Rashad wearing the mugshot shirt is just another small piece of the overall viral puzzle. The only question I have for Rashad is if the lying was included in the price of the shirt sponsorship or they paid him extra for it.