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Rani Yahya goes for the gold!

Rani Yahya butt-scooted his way into my heart a few months ago with his unconventional win over Mark Hominick. He cemented his place there by causing a riot at a recent grappling tournament. Basically he’s always entertaining, which is all it takes for me to be a fan. And now it looks like the MMA Gods have smiled down upon his deviant behavior and awarded him a title shot at the next WEC:

Rani Yayha (11-2 MMA, 1-0 WEC) will be making his 2nd WEC appearance at WEC 30. Rani is replacing Manny Tapia who was forced to withdraw from the card due to a knee injury.

The funny thing about this switch is that the WEC didn’t even bother to make an announcement regarding the switch. They just changed the promotional material and acted like this was how things always were. This isn’t the first time the WEC has quietly changed things … lamb-to-the-slaughter Chance Farrar’s record magically grew 2 wins better on the WEC website prior to his bout with Urijah Faber. And while that probably has more to do with an initial clerical mistake than padding a fighter’s record, I have no idea why the WEC didn’t bother to make an official announcement regarding the bantamweight switch.

Injuries happen, who cares?. Switching a title fight might seem a bit sketchy to some, but trying to make it slip under the radar is more sketchy in my book. They could have just released another press release on the subject to hype up the new fight and prep Manny Tapia’s eventual title challenge.