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Randy’s got some work to do

It’s funny how much will change in a year. Just twelve months ago, the UFC’s heavyweight division was about as anemic as it could get, and now it’s second only to the welterweight division as the most stacked. Of course, buying your competition and sucking them dry will do that … it could be argued that the UFC bought Pride mainly to get it’s hands on all those juicy heavyweights that have eluded them over the years. They certainly haven’t done a very good job of importing much PRIDE talent for the other divisions.

Of course, the guy this affects the most is Randy Couture, who only came back because the UFC literally didn’t have any contenders left to throw at Tim Sylvia:

“They aren’t making my job any easier are they, commented Couture about the influx of talent brought in over the last several months.

He added, “I came in and it was pretty much the Tim [Sylvia] and Andrei [Arlovski] show for a long time there. Suddenly I come out of retirement and these guys come out of the woodwork. I was going, what the heck is going on? There’s a lot of great fighters in that weight division now. It was kind of not as deep, and now it’s one of the deepest weight classes. It makes it a lot of fun for me to look at these guys and see how it’s going to shake out and what the next interesting match up might be. There’s certainly a lot of them. I don’t want to look past Gabriel Gonzaga. After that, we’ll see what happens.”

The shitty thing about this situation is I know how it’s going to end. Sooner or later, Randy’s gonna get smashed. He’s not going to just lose … he’s too good to just get caught easily. The guy who beats him is going to have to literally smash him up good. I don’t know if Gonzaga is the one to do it, but there’s no shortage of guys with bad reputations lining up behind him. Part of why I like watching him fight is that he’s so damn good at overcoming the odds. Every time he fights, it’s like watching Rocky 2, Rocky 4, or the Mighty Ducks. Except it costs you 40$.

  • Jerry Millen says:

    The UFC’s LHW division is much deeper than their HW:

    These are just their LHW tier 1 fighters.. I have not even mentioned their tier 2.

    Now compare the UFC’s LHW’s with their HW tier 1 fighters:

    yep.. only 4

  • The ending of the post was golden – Glad to see the site is working again.

    I think the HW division is about even with LHW. In my mind the ranking is:
    1. Welterweight
    2. Heavyweight + Light Heavyweight
    4. Lightweight
    5. Middleweight

    I don’t think Kazuhiro, Machida, or Vera are tier one yet simply because I think Hendo, Wand, and Shogun are a step ahead of them.

  • Swedish guy says:

    C’mon… i’m here, still at work a 1.25 am pressing F5 ten times a minute, need to get one final fix of juicy mma rants before i return to the evil-infested cave that is the apartment in which i have to spend my night.

  • Boog says:


    Vera fights heavyweight, I don’t consider Nakamura to be top tier, and you forgot Arlovski and Werdum in HW.

    Leaving Nakamura in your list would make for 6 “top tier” LHWs, and 7 “top tier” HWs.

  • Me agrees with Boog. Go Boog go!

    Also you forgot Sylvia. He was kinda the champion for a while or some junk

  • Shawn says:

    Holy crap it was awesome watching Randy beat up Tim Silvia for 5 rounds! I think Spike is replaying that sucker next week, and I’m sure going to watch it again.
    That’s my new favorite fight, just BARELY beating out the Ortiz/Shamrock 1 fight where Shamrock was unrecognizable at the end of the fight.

    I don’t know why I like seeing Shamrock and Silvia get beat up.

    Did anyone catch the Best Damn Pride Special the other night with Fedor’s brother? Dude came at him like a crazed man, and ended up out cold seconds later. Hilarious!!

  • John says:

    Thompson has the potental of being a giant but ruins it by being dumb.