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Randy’s flaccid … case

Mark Cuban’s plan to put Randy Couture’s contractual dispute in front of a Texas judge rather than a Nevada judge has failed. Today the UFC put out a press release doing a little victory dance, with their lawyer saying this:

“The practical effect of the Court’s decision is to allow Zuffa to continue its prosecution of claims against Mr. Couture in the Arbitration presently underway here in Nevada without any regard to the flaccid claims of HDNet and its management. Based upon evidence uncovered during the interrogation of Mr. Couture during his deposition, we have every confidence that Mr. Couture will be held accountable for the serious and ongoing breaches of his contractual obligations to Zuffa.”

Ooooh, flaccid claims. Mark and Randy, I think they’re talking about your penises. Penii? Well, you get the point. THE LIMP DROOPY POINT.