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Randy’s coming back. For real!

Sorry for the late start on the day, but yesterday was Jake’s last day at ‘real work’ before he comes and starts doing ‘fake work’ for Fightlinker full time. So needless to say, we had a few drinks in celebration. And needless to say, while we were out drinking there was more earthshaking news: that Randy Couture / UFC shit is really happening. From Bloody Elbow:

First, I can say with 100% certainty that there are current negotiations for Randy Couture to return in November to main event, and that the current proposed opponent is Brock Lesnar.   They can’t get Fedor, too many issues to work out on short notice, and he has a US-only non compete with Affliction.

This will be a new contract, not a return to the old one.   It will likely pay him more and give him more benefits, but it will lock him into the UFC for the long term.   In exchange for signing it Zuffa would drop all breach of contract charges.

MMA Rated gets further info ironed out: the UFC is looking at Brock, Fedor and either Big Nog or Chuck Liddell as the three fights that Randy will take. Still no word on if Randy will come back with the belt or not, but these are all bouts that I want to see in five round form so here’s hoping the UFC figures out some way to make that happen.

This is just a glimpse into a world where the UFC actually puts aside it’s ego and gets shit done … and what a happy world that is! Normally I’m all piss and vinegar about everything, but I can’t say enough about the possibility that everyone has pulled their heads out of their asses to get this deal done.