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Randy wants back in so he can get out

Well ho-lee shit. Remember those rumors I mentioned in passing about Randy Couture returning to the UFC? It seems like there was some truth to those because MMA Junkie’s got a big ol’ headline reading “Randy Couture willing to fight in the UFC once more”:

Reigning UFC heavyweight champion Randy Couture could return to the Ultimate Fighting Championship by year’s end as part of an out-of-court settlement with the organization.

Multiple sources close to the fighter, speaking exclusively to (, today said that Couture is willing to fight once more for the UFC, possibly before the end of the year, as a potential resolution to his ongoing legal battles with the fight promotion.

However, Couture himself could not be reached for comment, and it’s unknown if the UFC is even considering the offer at this point.

Lots of people are flipping out considering this a done deal, but there’s a whole bunch of ifs/ands/buts to be ironed out before this happens. Mainly, I’ve gotta stress that this is only something that Randy is offering to do in order to escape the evil clutches of the UFC’s lawyers.

So do you think that this is likely? That the UFC will agree to half the fights they’re owed so Randy can then go breath life into Affliction or HDNet Fights or whoever puts the Fedor fight together? That doesn’t sound like the cut throat business tactics we’re used to from the UFC.

I don’t want to be all doom and gloom … I admit that I got all wet in my pantaloons reading people speculate on Randy fighting Brock Lesnar in November. But shit just doesn’t add up yet. Perhaps there’s more going on behind the scenes involving profit sharing for future Couture-related fights and such. But as it stands, this doesn’t seem like the kind of offer the UFC would be willing to take. Too many of their competitors are on the verge of death to let Randy walk out and potentially revive them.