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Randy vs Nog is confirmed

I was kinda hesitant to say anything about the potential Randy Couture vs Big Nog fight that was rumored all last week. The whole thing hinged on Big Nog accepting, and after he got pasted by Frank Mir I half expected him to turn this fight down in favor of an easier rebound. But lo and behold, MMA Weekly is reporting that the fight is on!

Former Pride and UFC interim heavyweight champ Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira has agreed to face former UFC heavyweight champ Randy Couture at UFC 101 in August.

Though a date can’t be confirmed at this time, multiple sources wishing to remain anonymous say the unannounced card is likely to take place in Portland, Ore.

Sources indicate Nogueira may do the bulk of his fight training in Los Angeles, sharpening his boxing skills with boxing guru Freddie Roach.

Nog and Randy both lost their last fights, but at least Randy put up a good fight. Nog looked more like the 45 year old between the two of them. I can’t remember what the excuse was afterwards for him looking like shit but I’m not sure I buy it. After taking epic beatings for years in Japan, I think his chin might be shot. Maybe some time with Freddie Roach will teach him how to fight without eating non-stop punches to the face, but I kinda doubt it.