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Randy vs Brandon confirmed.

Randy Couture vs Brandon Vera has gone from strange rumor to strange reality. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this:

Pro: England gets a half decent headliner for once, sorta
You can groan and roll your eyes like I did, and this still isn’t a title fight, but you can’t deny that the UFC bent over backwards trying to cook something up for their UK card. Brandon Vera sucks dicks, but the chance to see Randy Couture fight. That’s way fucking better than Sanchez / Stevenson and Bisping / Leben, the last two ‘main events’ England got.

Pro: A win earns Randy Couture a title shot
Let’s face it: the light heavyweight division is surprisingly low on decent contenders for Machida at this particular moment in time. Vitor Belfort’s plan is /was (?) to stick to middleweight, Rich Franklin hasn’t even had an actual fight at 205 yet, and Rampage / Rashad has been delayed until who knows when. You may be sick of Randy getting title shots, but do you have someone else in mind who has a better chance at 205 of defeating Machida? I didn’t think so.

Pro: The UFC is finally addressing UK card pay
The reason the UFC has so much of a hard time filling headline slots on PPV cards is that they never bothered to figure out how to compensate fighters who are paid with a cut of the pay per view – aka all of the headliners. Word is Randy Couture is getting extra cash based on ratings for this one, which means the UFC is finally on the right track to fixing their shitty cards.

Pro: It IS a free card on Spike
Getting a Randy Couture fight for free on Spike isn’t something to sneeze at.

Con: This is still a bullshit UK main event
Brandon Vera. Brandon Vera? Brandon Vera hasn’t had a good fight since 2006 (although his hilarious loss to Fabricio Werdum comes close, I suppose). His fight against Krysztof Soszynski was a turd basted in shit dropped in a bucket of diarrhea. The UFC is lucky people still consider Vera a ‘name’, because he certainly doesn’t deserve to be one.

Con: If Brandon Vera wins, we’ll never hear the end of it.
Brandon Vera sucks, but I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who saw Big Nog knocking Randy Couture on his ass with jabs. If Vera catches Couture, we will ‘witness the rebirth of the Truth’, and by that I mean he will never, ever shut up about how he beat Couture and ‘he’s back’ and ‘everyone watch out’ and ‘Fedor is a punk’ yada yada yada. It will take another 3 years before people start to realize he sucks and it will be enough to make me want to blow my motherfucking brains out.

Con: No more possibility of Hendo / Marquardt at UFC 105

Overall I say this is a win for us in North America and only a slight screw to those in the UK who decide to buy tickets to the show. Sure, Brits can complain about half-ass cards in comparison to the US, but they also get all UFC PPVs for free. If they would like to trade spots, I have place for them here in Montreal.