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Randy Math: Time edition

The big question on everyone’s mind since it was announced that Randy Couture was set to co-star in Stallone’s next big action flick wasn’t “When is it coming out?” but “What the fuck happens to Randy’s fighting career now?” Steve Cofield caught up with the Natural, who brushed off the concern by saying it wasn’t like the UFC had any immediate plans for him anyways. And hey, his movie shoot was only going to be 10 weeks … so everyone just needs to chill out.

Still, if shooting starts in March and lasts 10 weeks, that’s Randy off filming until May 9th – assuming filming starts at the very beginning of March. Then you gotta take into consideration the fact that he’s probably going to want a short break (he’s not a fucking machine, man!) before hitting the gym for a full training camp. 2 months seems to be the minimum fighters are looking for nowadays, so that puts Randy’s return roughly somewhere between the end of July and August. At the EARLIEST.

That sucks.