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Randy has a list

DreamFighters managed to get in touch with Randy Couture for an interview, and he had this to say about potential opponents: Is there any talk of who you could fight next? Anyone in particular you would like to fight?

Randy Couture: I think it all depends on how the Mir Lesnar rematch plays out. If I had my way, I’d get a rematch with Brock first thing, but the only way that is likely to happen is if he loses to Frank. If Brock wins, I’d say it will most likely be either Mir or Nogueira across the cage from me next. Either of those fights would pose an interesting challenge.

While it sucks that Randy will probably be limited to two fights a year because of Hollywood responsibilities, I’m glad to hear that he’s off the “No one but Fedor makes sense” tip and is talking about fights against Mir, Nog, and Brock. That should carry us all the way to 2010 before he gets bored and tries to leave on us again.