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Randy Couture’s new role

Despite the fact that most movie review websites still put the word “actor” in quotes when discussing him, Randy Couture has landed some new movie roles:

Couture, who hosts next week’s 2010 World MMA Awards, will begin work on a new Bruce Willis film, “Setup,” in December and hopes to reprise his role as Toll Road in “The Expendables II” beginning in March.

“I’m getting ready to do a movie in Grand Rapids, Mich., here the first couple weeks of December with Bruce Willis,” Couture said. “‘Setup.’

“It just happened a couple of days ago. It’s a fun character. Small part, but a fun character in kind of a gangster movie.”

Setup is a heist movie starring 50 Cent and Paul Walker (or from what I can gather, some dude from Entourage if Walker is busy), and I’d be a lot more excited about it if it wasn’t being made by Mike Gunther, who seems like an amazing stunt guy but who’s writing and directing resume is limited to the godawful ‘Presented by Tapout’ MMA movie Beatdown.

Oh yeah, awesome director + hip hop superstar + Paul Walker appealing to the gay demo + MMA fighter = Oscar Frate Trane!