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Randy Couture’s gonna get sued again

From the Randy Couture legal front:

Couture told that a Texas state court is set to rule this week on his contractual standing with the Ultimate Fighting Championship. The UFC claims that Couture still owes the promotion two fights as its heavyweight champion. Couture, who announced his intention to leave the promotion last fall, contends that his UFC obligations should end when a non-compete clause expires on October 11.

That’s good news, right? Well, sorta kinda. Couture adds that he expects whoever loses will file an appeal, which should drag things on even longer. As well, I wouldn’t be surprised if the UFC launches another lawsuit against Randy/Affliction over his appearance at the end of the Banned show. As Matt Polly said in his live experience writeup, the only thing better than Fedor’s quick and decisive win over Tim Sylvia was when Randy and the Russian met in the ring and pumped up a potential fight over the PA system.

Watching that with goosebumps, the annoying cynical voice in the back of my head ruined everything by stating: “Oh yeah, that’s not violating Randy’s non-compete clause at all.” Did I mention the cynical voice in my head is also a sarcastic bastard?