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Randy Couture’s checks and paystubs

Hi! Do you wish you had the kind of access that reporters had but don’t know how to get it???? Well wish no more, because we here at Fightlinker will take care of your worthless ass. Wanna see the documents that Dana White put together for the press showing checks and receipts for Randy Couture? Well here ya go!

  • Tommy says:

    Someone should have told Randy that ‘when you mess with the bull you get the horns’. Randy can’t read a clear Fighter Signing Bonus? Those numbers earlier don’t rep the fight of the night 40k either. Lots of chedder in here. Grips sometimes are so cemented in the mind of the gripper they forget the truth and see what they want to see.

  • ttt says:

    thanks for putting this up but it’s disappointing to find the single letter and then copies upon copies of cheques and invoices instead of things that say “here randy are those massive sums of money that you agreed to be paid for from the contract that you signed very happily”

  • Randy just went from All American Hero to a douchebag that can’t properly add up the MILLIONS OF DOLLARS of checks that he’s been cashing.

  • tom says:

    yoko broke up the band.
    tis clear.

  • Accomando says:

    Yo, Linker, you the man, and I be wasted.

    I was on the 51st floor of the RIO (voodoo lounge) in Vegas tonite, cause I gots connections, and I the shit.

    Anywho, there was a meathead there. He had an affliction shirt on that said, “sean Sherk” he was a business associate one way or another, so I made the comment like, “sean sherk will beat the case” he agreed and asked me if “I heard the news”

    I go, “what news?” He says “hey, you hear who hendo be fighting in december”

    I go, “no, who”

    he goes, “silva”

    and I go, “no way, bad fuckin’ ass”

    Anywho, dude looked like he knew his shit, we puched fists, and looked forward to the fight.

    So, he could just be a meathead spouting B.S., or, the Hughes/Serra card, could be the greatest card of all time. Crossing the fingers, go linker.

  • MJC_123 says:

    Unlucky Randy…Game,Set and Match- Dana and the UFC.
    It was about the money Randy all along, clearly its only about the money.

    A final victory for Dana would be if they offered Randy $5million to fight Fedor in the summer and he accepted….Clearly goin back on his words…Shit If I was Dana i’d do that just for giggles!

  • Smashy Smash says:

    I still feel that Dana calling the signing bonus 500K is wrong and was only 250K. Dana just insured that Randy would fight or else miss out on 250K. That to me is pretty shady. I am sure even Randy would fight injured if it meant missing out on huge cash, because we all now see that Randy was not about the money cause he was obviously getting paid.

  • budoX says:

    Randy acknowledged that cheque but thought he was receiving an advance on his post-fight shower room bonus based on his conversations with Lorenzo. See this link “Money Matters” for full explanation.

    The UFC decided to call it a signing bonus … and maybe Randy didn’t read the letter? Apparently Kim handles the financials?

    That would explain the discrepancy between what the UFC and Randy are saying about exactly the same money.

  • If Kim handled the letter and forgot … :-/ Worse than burning the toast!

  • jazzn says:

    Herderson Vs. Silva would be a good matchup.. Makes sense.


  • Frank says:

    accomando, though i see hendo going down to fight silva, you shouldn’t be believing everything you hear from a fit guy wearing an affliction t-shirt.

  • Accomando says:

    Frank, you’re right, but man, I really want to believe it.

  • cheezeypoof says:

    Accomando, Silva is fighting Liddell, not Hendo on Dec 29.

  • cheezeypoof says:

    or do you mean the other Silva? Lol too many of them.

  • Frank says:

    Me too man, I hate seeing Anderson Silva’s mediocre ground game not being challenged by his opponenents over developped medula oblongata and their propostrous penis envy. Why stand with the best striker in your division when your strength and advantage lay on the ground? Fighters truly are stupid.

  • Yup, Randy Couture = the greatest because he understood the importance of a strong gameplan and flawless execution of said plan