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WTF Germany?

The only good thing coming out of Randy Couture’s loss last night is that dollars to donuts, the next fight you see Randy in will be at 205. There’s simply no one past Big Nog for him to fight at heavyweight, and even that battle wouldn’t be mad money like the fights that could be made at light heavyweight. The big buzz from everyone right now is ANOTHER fight against Chuck Liddell. Consider the eye poke factoring in one loss and Randy’s disintegrating marriage factoring in   the other, add in the fact that Chuck isn’t exactly looking like the same Chuck, and you’ve got a pretty compelling bout. Already, the people in charge are talking about it:

There was at least talk about perhaps Couture vs. Chuck Liddell IV, given it will have been three years since their last meeting, with the possibility of doing the match in Germany.

A contingent of German press came for the show, as UFC is planning to debut there next year. Couture, who speaks German from his days in the Army, would be the natural to headline. The negative is that pay-per-view events from Europe usually do less business than those that come from the U.S., as Liddell and Couture are still two of the company’s biggest draws.

Yeah, no. I know international expansion is key to the UFC’s plans but you can’t take fights like that away from the country that built you up. Germany can be built slowly and surely so long as big money fights like this continue to happen in America, fueled by the interest from the American media. We finally got a real taste at UFC 91 of what a media frenzy can do for the profile of the sport. Taking a massive fight like Chuck vs Randy 4 and dumping it in Europe just seems like a waste.