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Randy Couture versus … Kurt Angle!

It looks like Fedor wasn’t really the “only fight left that made sense” for Randy Couture. He’s also interested in doing a submission grappling match with none other than Kurt Angle. No word on if a boxing match with Stone Cold Steve Austin is in the works as well.

In an interesting development, Couture spoke of trying to set up a submission grappling match with Kurt Angle. Said nothing was finalized. When asked if he would win, Randy said he has kept his competitive edge up. Felt his body was in better shape with less injuries and that he is more experienced and feels he will win. The match could possibly take place in the Pro Submission League.

It’s kinda funny … we commented on Kurt saying he was gonna fight Randy Couture but since he’s been lying about fighting for YEARS now, we just assumed he was being consistent. But I guess he was telling the truth! Sorry, but pro wrestlers are just so full of shit you’d half expect the sky to be green if they said it was blue.

We’re not sure yet if this submission grappling fight can happen before Randy’s legal woes are cleared up, but you better believe that Dana White would sue Randy for sneezing if he could.

  • danaunclefesterwhite says:

    Randy Couture is going to tap or choke out Kurt Angle. This isn’t 1996 anymore. Kurt Angle is practically a cripple at this point while Randy will still have it in him until he (sadly) gets demolished by Fedor.

  • dignan says:

    I think Kurt has really cut down on juicing too. I saw him on Pros Vs. Joes and the dude looked small. He was quick as fuck, and had no real problems with the Joe’s, but he wasn’t the massive figure he was a few years back.

  • danaunclefesterwhite says:

    Kurt Angle was always a big guy though. He’s only 5’10”, that’s short for a heavyweight but in the 1996 Olympics, he competed in the 220 lb. division. Assuming that he cut weight, he was probably 235 lb. legitimately. I think that’s what he weighed in the WWE too and I think that’s what he weighs now in TNA.

  • Dangerfield says:

    Why does Randy have so much to prove.

  • Fightlinker Jackal says:

    He doesn’t. He’s just after the cheddar.

  • dignan says:

    If someone can clarify this it would help a great deal.

    If I remember correctly, Angle beat out Couture for the U.S. Olympic team…so there may be some wanting of payback.

    I think it is simply, Angle and Couture have remained friends, and Angle smells money…and Couture might oblige him.

  • Yeah, although if this happens in the ‘Pro Submission League’ then i don’t see them getting paid too much. If it happened on some wierd HDnet program, maybe then a lot more. Cuban doesn’t seem to have much of a problem spending money on Bouture

  • godzillad says:

    Kurt has unfinished business with Puder to take care of before he even things about Randy.

  • pauli says:

    dignan, kurt was freestyle, randy was greco.

  • dignan says:

    Pauli: Thanks.

  • Beau says:

    Sorry but no one is going to get paid big bucks for anything on HDnet. No one has that fucking network. 6 million homes is pathetic. It would have to be a PPV or on network TV for them to make money. How about putting this submission fight as a headliner on one of the EliteXC CBS cards? That would rake in huge ratings. But bouture isnt gonna get to do shit until he obliges Dana. That dumbass could be done with his 2 fights by now. I know championship clause, blah blah blah. What if he just whooped on the guy for 4 rounds and then threw in the towel for the 5th round in his last match. In the post fight he could be like “Sorry fans, but this was the only way I could get out of Dana’s unfair contract that pays me millions”.

  • danaunclefesterwhite says:

    HDNet needs to start getting up to Showtime subscription numbers in order to be a competitive platform for MMA. HDNet loves to brag that they are in HD but HBO and Showtime can be seen in both SDTV and HDTV. And it’s not like all that MMA on HDNet is going to make them a hit with subscriptions. Look at the HDNet poll on MMANews. Most MMA fans don’t have HDNet.

  • danaunclefesterwhite says:

    It’s going to be difficult for HDNet to compete with HBO and Showtime for premium TV market share. Broadcast television in general is losing market share. As the internet grows, broadcast television declines.
    Internet vs TV: Internet users

    Internet vs TV: Internet users watch less televsion – 4.8 hours on average a week in the USA. And long time users of the Net watch 5.8 hours less. No kidding. What’s there to watch on television anyway? UCLA survey also said the most popular activities are email and instant messenging but that 60% use it as a source of news – more than television, radio, newspapers and magazines. But one third said they only believe what they read online half of the time.

  • Anubis says:

    Isn’t submission wrestling just an ancient way to hone up your raping skills for the next big invasion/conquest? My wife already calls MMA, “homosexual man wrestling.” She’s convinced that unless the fighters throw a couple of punches to beak, it’s just gay foreplay. While I appreciate BJJ and a good ground game I’m inclined to agree with her. There’s nothing I rather see less than sweaty lay n’ pray. Randy is my favorite fighter, but I’m not sure I’d tune in for this one. Sorry Beau and Fester. You were on a mature tangent. I digress.

  • godzillad says:

    Put this in the Jackal TV thing:

  • Chuck says:

    Poor Kurt doesn’t wanna take a punch. Pro Submission League is about the lamest shit i’ve ever heard. My girlfriend insists that MMA stands for “Man on Man Action”.. I better not let her see this shit or she’ll think i’m really a flamer for liking this sport.

  • that’s not why you watch it? I was so upset when thongs went out of fashion in favor of those damn board shorts.

  • pauli says:

    you’ve been watching joe son’s return at pride: the best vol 1 again, haven’t you?