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Randy Couture talks IFL injunction

MMAWeekly sat down with Randy Couture to talk about the whole IFL injunction bitchslap he got nailed with a while back, and once again he threw the IFL under the bus for handling the whole thing like retards and getting him dragged into court:

“They put my name and likeness all over their website and all over their marketing material, especially for the fight (in Las Vegas) at the Orleans. And my non-compete clause with the UFC precludes me from promoting any other event until after October. That was the rub as far as the UFC was concerned, but rather than go after the IFL, they chose to come after me. I didn’t give the IFL permission to do that. They did that on their own accord. Really it was a fight between the IFL and the UFC, but I kind of got drug in the middle of it.”

“It caused me to spend some money on lawyers and things that didn’t really make a lot of sense to me,” said Couture. “To top it off, it wasn’t like I was even fighting for a bunch of athletes that were mine that train here at Xtreme Couture. They decided to assign guys from Florida that actually train for American Top Team to this kind of name Xtreme Couture, which didn’t make a lot of sense to me. I wasn’t really willing to spend any money or step up and fight an injunction that didn’t even have to do with my athletes.”

“I think ultimately the UFC wants to drag me down any way they can and tie me up and for them to be able to say, ‘oh, we got an injunction against Couture,'” the current UFC heavyweight champion told MMAWeekly. “That only kind of leads the anti-Couture media machine that Dana (White) is kind of spewing and running right now.”

I think ultimately the UFC wanted to make a point that so long as Randy was tied up with them then he would be more trouble than he’s worth. Unless of course you happen to be a billionaire. But it’s worked – I doubt Randy leaves the house without consulting his lawyers nowadays. They’ve gotten him to the point where he perpetually talks in theoretical terms to make sure he’s not breaching contracts. It’s like watching Robocop try to get around those prime directives.