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Randy Couture says Chael Sonnen can beat Jon Jones

It’s Sunday. That means football, wings, beer, cheese balls, and if you’re on the eastern seaboard, getting all your insurance paperwork ready for after “Frankenstorm” hits and the insurance companies inevitably try to fuck you out of your claim. Oh yeah, church ‘n all that shit too. But before all the fun commences, let’s take a minute to get down to some fight business.

MMA demigod Randy Couture was on MMA Uncensored Live recently and offered his take on his buddy, Chael Sonnen’s chances of dethroning the seemingly invincible Jon Jones.

“Chael has a great opportunity to win this fight actually. Technically I see a similar style fight as Anderson Silva. If he wades through him and makes Jon Jones wrestle him the entire fight, I think he can win that. He can do it, but he needs that gameplan. He needs to make it a wrestling match, start to finish.”

Far be it from me to question the thinking of a Triple OG like Randy, but for real? He’s just saying this to get Chael’s back cause they’re homies, right? The glaring, painfully obvious distinction between the styles of Anderson Silva and Jon Jones is that Jones is a wrestling machine. He may not possess the pedigree of Sonnen in that regard, what with his junior college championship versus Chael’s D-1 All-American and Olympic alternate status.

But that’s all on paper. In the fight, Jones is going to destroy Sonnen. I give Chael less of a chance in that fight than I give myself of scoring a three way with Arianny and Brittany. It’s cool to support your friends ‘n all, but come on now.