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Randy Couture is all about the money

Because I’m a cynical fucker, it only took about an hour or two before my post-coital Randy glow wore off and I began to realize the bullshit behind his return. “Why Brock?” many idiots are asking. “Why not Werdum or someone else more worthy?” The obvious answer of course is money … lots and lots of money. You expect the UFC to think this way, but consider this: Randy definitely had a say in choosing his opponent, and he chose Lesnar not because Lesnar represented the best challenge, but because he represented the biggest PPV draw and therefore (via Couture’s PPV cut) the most money.

Randy left because of money. We all knew it, even though Randy denied it. Now he’s back, and it’s not because his demands were met and Fedor’s coming in. It’s because the UFC was costing him too much money in legal fees, and they offered him a good financial deal: more money, and only the biggest PPV fights. Couture isn’t fighting Brock Lesnar because Brock deserves a shot, or because Couture respects Brock’s skills and wants the challenge. Brock is the biggest money fight available, and that’s the only reason Couture is back.

As usual for Randy, it’s all about the Benjamins.