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More great PR for Affliction care of Todd Beard

Wow. If you thought the whole Affliction / Randy Couture thing was gonna end after a little “Fuck you” and “No, fuck you!” action, you wuz wrong. Randy’s wife has just filed a restraining order against Affliction co-founder Todd Beard:

Randy and wife Kim claim Affliction Prez Todd Beard has been on a campaign of terror against them since they asked for an accounting of profits. A Las Vegas judge just issued a temporary restraining order, prohibiting Beard from going near Kim, and that includes going near the MGM Grand when Randy fights this Saturday. And Beard can’t go to the hotel during the weigh-in the day before either.

According to Kim Couture’s declaration, Beard has made “a series of threats and acts intended to intimidate me and otherwise coerce me to ‘back off.'”

She goes on: “My fear of Mr. Beard is well-founded given his extensive criminal history. Not only has he been convicted of numerous state and federal felonies relating to fraud …he has engaged in numerous acts of violence, including violence against women.”

And here I was thinking Tom Atencio was doing a bad job representing Affliction. Todd Beard is making Dana White look like a lovable huggable peace teddy bear in comparison. I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised though … Affliction has been terrorizing fashion for the past few years, it was probably inevitable that they’d graduate up sooner or later.