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Randy and Brock are getting paid, son

I guess the NSAC is as excited as everyone else is because they just prematurely ejaculated the pay figures for Randy Couture and Brock Lesnar:

Also Friday, the Nevada State Athletic Commission released financial figures showing that both Couture and Lesnar are guaranteed $250,000. Lesnar gets an extra $200,000 if victorious, while Couture would double his guaranteed money to $500,000 if he wins.

Keep in mind this doesn’t include the pay per view cut for the fighters. If you’re wondering how much that represents, I dunno. But here’s a detailed breakdown of what Couture was making off the PPVs before he tried to ditch the UFC last year:

Up to 100k buys= Nothing
100k – 175k buy = 75k buys @ $1 = 75k
175k – 300k buys = 125k buys @ $1.50 = 187k
300k – 330k buys = 30k buys @ $2 = 60k
330k+ buys = 170k buys @ $3 = 510k

Anyone wondering why Randy Couture is fighting Brock Lesnar and not Fabricio Werdum, the above numbers should give you several hundred thousand reasons. At Dana’s mad scientist approved 1.2 million buys figure, Randy will be making … I don’t fucking know. A LOT. At least 2 million dollars in PPV revenue. And that’s being very conservative.