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Randy Couture accidentally almost retires

There was a tweet last night from Randy Couture that had a lot of people thinking he had officially retired. And while it’s hard to look at the message and not say it sure sounds like Captain America is hanging up the gloves, his agent would like to clarify that Randy’s actual retirement will be a much bigger affair arranged by his office and the UFC:

“There’s been no official announcement,” Spira told  ( on Tuesday evening. “There’s been no decision. Any announcements or decisions would be likely coordinated with the UFC.”

Then Randy responded to the LA Times:

When reached by the Times Tuesday evening, Couture (19-10) said he was surprised by the response he’d gotten from the message and hadn’t intended it as an “official statement” on his status.  Still, he reiterated that his cage career was likely coming to an end.

“I think I’m done. The time is right,” said Couture via text. “I’d fight Machida or Shogun but outside of that, I wanna focus on other things in my life.”

Randy being surprised over the reaction to his tweet proves that he’s not only too old for MMA but too old to understand Twitter and how it’s the new uber-truth straight from the horse’s mouth. Or maybe his confusion comes from the fact that he’s been saying “I’m done” for three months now through various websites and no one has believed him.

And really, why should we? When a guy says “I’m not interested in fighting … except with Machida, and oh I guess the champion too”, then why should I even bother to type up the headline “Randy’s Gonna Retire” except as a cheap traffic bump? To me it just says “Randy Couture’s 2011-12 now booked.”