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Randy, Brock, 5 rounds, Vegas

This will probably be everywhere, but we had jackal Subo in on the call and he’s related this info to us:

Dana White: Win or lose, Randy will be in the UFC. I want Fedor, but I’m crazy about protecting contracts so I will not mess with anyone else’s.

This is a five round title fight.

The fight is in Las Vegas, not Portland. MGM Grand.


Randy: ‘I want to fight Fedor. Fighting is what’s important to me – I don’t know what is important to him. If he wants to be the #1 heavyweight in the world, he needs to come fight me.’

Randy says he’ll be coming in at 225

UPDATE #2: BloodyElbow has a point by point breakdown on the rest of the call.

UPDATE #3: Who’s got the audio? Ariel Helwani from MMA Rated’s got the audio!