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Random UFC 88 thoughts

Where’s Edith?
She wasn’t at the weigh-ins, but she’s missed the weigh-ins before. But she was also absent from the event. Everything was all set up, they even had her chair set up next to Arianny’s. Just … no Edith.

Dong isn’t in Heaven
During one of Dana’s VLogs, he was making fun of Dong Hyun Kim’s request for entrance music – ” target=”_blank”>DJ Sammy’s Heaven. Yeah, it’s pretty gay. But when you’re going into a cage to beat someone up, you should get to hear the music you want to fucking hear. But instead of uber-cheese trance, we got some bullshit rock. Fuck that. Poor form, UFC.

Matt Brown
Is Matt good or was Dong just wiped out after the first round? Brown got outclassed hardcore in the first but then came back and made it very competitive in the next two rounds. If he’d been smart he wouldn’t have stayed on his back for the last minute of the third round, that’s what sealed his fate. I was impressed by his resilience but I can’t help but wonder if it was more Dong blowing his wad than Matt actually being that good.

Nate Marquardt
When the fuck did Marquardt learn to strike like that? If he’d put even a fifth of that striking talent to use in his fight against Thales Leites, he would have iced him. I wanna see Nate vs Hendo now.

Rousimar Palhares
Damn can this dude take a punch. I’m not that hot on his rag doll shooting method, and he’s not gonna build much of a career concentrating on leg locks as much as he did against Henderson tonight. But he was resiliant and he kept on working. Hopefully the UFC will put him up against a few easier TUF guys to let him develop into a more well rounded fighter. I can see him being a real force in a year or so.

Hamill got broke
By the end of the second round you could see it in Hamill’s eyes: Franklin had broken him.

Rashad Evans’ wife
Goddamn, woman. Goddamn.

Rashad Evans
Guess I’m gonna have to start treating him with some respect, huh.