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Random MMA crap

This is kinda sorta a website devoted to the random shit that goes on in MMA, so this Random MMA Trivia post by the MMA Fiend is a perfect fit for linkage. Here’s some of the more random items from the list:

– Zane Frasier was invited because he beat up Frank Dux (of Bloodsport fame) in the lobby at a Karate competition.

-Gerarld Gordeau was invited because he was from the same gym as Ernesto Hoost and the organizers couldn’t afford Hoost.

-Big John McCarthy applied, but was told that Royce would be the only one to represent Jiu-Jitsu. He could enter after Royce was done with it.

– At Shooto 3/18, Hansen threw his mouth piece into the crowd to celebrate his victory-and hit Caol Uno’s mom in the face.

– At ADCC, Jeff Monson stripped bare naked (in front of everyone) in protest to the judge’s decision to DQ him. You can use a can opener for positioning, but not as a submission, his opponent (pe de Pano, I think) tapped when he did it so they ruled it a submission attempt and DQ’d him. He maintained he was positioning.

– Dan Severn is also writer for Penthouse

– Jeremy Horn has had 71 bone breaks and fractures.

– Fedor has a pet turtle.

I’m sorry, but turtles are terrible pets. They clog the shit out of your toilet when you try to flush them. And it’s funny that Jeff Monson didn’t earn a ban for stripping naked. We’re still not 100% sure how far you have to push the ADCC guys … someone should ask Drew Fickett.

*CORRECTION* Original credit for the list should go to the goons over in the Sherdog forums. When you see stuff like this come out of there it makes you sad that the place is infested with assfaces.