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Rampage’s new car gets fwacked

I’m personally of the opinion that Quinton Jackson getting rear ended is about as newsworthy as Randy Couture taking a stinky poop, but I guess there are a few funny things about the fender bender he got into this week:

  • The car Rampage was driving was his brand new 100k+ Audi R8. How new? He was just taking that biatch home from the dealer’s lot.
  • Rampage once suffered a complete mental breakdown and was involved in a car-related police chase. This involves cars too, so ha ha karma lol et cetera.

That’s about it. I pity da fool who drives without insurance so let’s hope he had that shit sorted out already. If not though, we can just write it off as a douche fee from Jesus for all Rampage’s recent assholery.

*UPDATE* Some eagle eyed jackals note that it looks like the same Audi that Quinton drove on TUF. Curse you TMZ for your bullshit lies! If you can’t trust a gossip news site, who can you really trust???