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Rampage’s mouth vows to continue career

'I will never be in another lead role.'

The recently ‘retired’ Rampage Jackson sure has been busy on the old Internets as of late. In between his work on the A-Team movie and not training for Rashad Evans, Jackson found time to fire away at UFC 104 from his blog (which is fucking subscription only, so props to MMAConvert for letting me avoid linking to it):

Not to be whiny here but I still don’t feel like I’ve been beat in the UFC.. but I’m not champ anymore. If the UFC gives Shogun an immediate rematch because of the controversial loss then that would validate everything I have said about the UFC in my recent posts & why I’m pissed at the UFC. But yet he deserves one & so have I deserved one against Forrest.

Remember when I told you guys, at the time that Strikeforce signed Herschel Walker, that when somebody tells you something isn’t a stunt or a gimmick, it is? Same basic rule applies here. If the words ‘Not to be whiny here, but’ ever leave your mouth, just shut the fuck up, as anything proceeding those words is immediately and irrevocably whiny. And before you even think of giving him credit for pointing out that he didn’t get a rematch against Forrest, remember why. He should be thankful he wasn’t out of a fucking job after that episode.

He goes on to bitch that the card made him ‘ashamed’ in front of his A-Team movie buddies, but I refuse to copy or paste that as it would be a waste of calories, electrons and seconds I could better spend sticking my tongue into a power outlet. This, however, bears mentioning:

One good thing came out of the fight last night. Rashad looked more like a bitch… No wonder TUF is editing Rahsad to try to make him look good cause they need all their fighters to sell tickets. They never should have tried to make me look bad cause I’m the wrong person to pull that type of crap with. Cause I don’t give a fuck about the TUF show or about the UFC. There’s not another fighter on this planet that can do what I do & they know it. I don’t need them. All they did was fucken piss me off. & any fighter on my team who says they lost a fight because of my coaching can fucken kiss my ass & say that shit to my face…

Note to TUF: Anybody involved in making the TUF show do me a big favor… Don’t look at me cause you’re fake. Don’t talk to me cause you’re fake. Don’t even think about me cause you’re fake. & if you do you might just get cussed the fuck out

Quentin. Seriously. Rashad won. He’s seven of seven on the show (though your last hope looks like a beast), employed, more popular than ever and – gasp – on a fight card. And I agree completely – there probably isn’t another fighter on this planet that can lose a title fight to Forrest Griffin. I’m sure the UFC is lacking there. You’re one hell of a fighter when you want to be, but you don’t want to be. On top of that, you’re talking shit to production assistants and interns at Spike, whom you’ve never met, over the Internet. So spare us. Please.