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Rampage/Machida to be second major fight at the Palace

As an Ohio State Buckeyes fan, I must advise all UFC fighters to bring plenty of tip money for the Wolverines delivering their pizzas and refilling their drinks:

For the first time in more than 14 years and 150 events, the Ultimate Fighting Championship is heading to Michigan.

UFC 123, which takes place Nov. 20, will be hosted by the 23,000-seat Palace of Auburn Hills in a suburb of Detroit.

The “Detroit Free Press” first reported the plans, and ( since has confirmed them with sources close to the show.

I don’t know if Dana lost a bet or simply felt that Ron Artest should not have the record for “>best KO in the building (be sure to relive the madness – the look on poor guy’s face when he realizes he dun goofed is absolutely priceless, even though both guys are still in the league whilst MMA fighters would have been publicly electrocuted for the same infraction – also, first guy that works here and embeds this for me gets a Coke) – apparently, Cleveland was a possibility, which is an infinitely cooler city.  Plus, it’s not dying a slow death fueled by unoccupied buildings and sexting mayors, which is always a plus.

Fuck the University of Michigan, is what I’m saying.

OSU coach Woody Hayes once went for 2 while enjoying a 36 point lead against Michigan.  When asked why after the game, he said “because I couldn’t go for three”.  Congrats on what promises to be a dank fight, but you still suck.  First guy to mention Lebron gets a cockpunch.