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Rampage wants Wanderlei more than the belt

No one seems to know for sure when Quinton Jackson vs Wanderlei Silva 3 is gonna go down. Some are saying New Years Eve, and some are saying end of January, and some are even saying that if it’s not Quinton vs Wand for NYE, it’s gonna be Quinton vs someone else. Whatever the case, here’s an interesting quote from Rampage on the subject, care of Fighters Only:

Speaking to Fighters Only earlier, Jackson said that, given the choice between Silva and a rematch with Griffin for his next fight, he would opt for the Brazilian.

“I guess I would pick Silva first because I don’t think the UFC would have given him a title shot if I had the belt, so I’d have to choose him,” he said.

“My last fight, I don’t really consider it a loss, in the sense that I don’t feel I lost the fight. I figure I did enough to win the fight, so I don’t take it as a ‘mental’ loss,” he explains.

“But when I lost to Wanderlai, those were like a mental loss, in that I went home and I was like “No! I got my ass whupped!”.

“Will I beat him next time? Who knows? But I’m ready to get in there and get some good stuff going down,” he laughs.

I was shitting on Chuck Liddell pre-Rashad because he wanted to bypass all the other 205 pound contenders and just grab the belt back while it was around the waist of an easy target. Lots of you said he’s smart to do that, but I still find it admirable when guys like Rampage say “I want to fight the guys who beat me”. Makes me wonder what Chuck’s response would be right now if HE was asked about rematching the dude who whupped him twice.